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In case you miss it in the video, our bi-weekly group coaching calls are currently every other Wednesday at either 10am or 12pm Eastern.

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Right away Holly helped me develop messaging so clear that I was EXCITED to talk about my new offers, and not only that, the new messaging worked. Within my first month I had already signed on a long-term coaching client at $1500/mo (which paid for my investment right out of the gate!), and signed a $20k contract with a local business development organization to coach their members.

With Holly and Michelle’s support I’ve also been able to restructure my days to be more productive, navigate the shift into my new business model, and I’m implementing streamlined systems that will essentially put my enrollment process on autopilot and allow me to work much more efficiently.

Jeff Martin

Business Coach

Having you in my pocket for the last year was incredibly valuable.

I felt like I had a partner in my business that I could come back to when I needed you most, and that you could see my evolution and point out what comes next even when I got stuck in the weeds. You knew what was coming before I did, and could point out when I was getting in my own way.

I’ve been able to close five-figure contracts with universities, I’ve had over 100 people go through Sales School, my business model is now so streamlined I am working 10-20 hours a week, which has been invaluable having my 9yo at home with me during the pandemic, and navigating a big move and other life events.

Liz Dederer

Sales Coach

Right away, Holly was able to grasp my new direction and showed me how to tie the common threads between my old message and new message together to make a seamless shift.

I was happily surprised to find that my audience loved my new material, and I began to quickly grow my community. When I launched my first program under my new brand, I sold 30 seats within the first few weeks.

It definitely would have taken me A LOT longer to get here on my own, and I’m confident in saying it would have been about half as effective without the incomparable, 360 degree support of Holly and Michelle.

Jeannette Bessinger

Wellness Coach

I was at the end of a 2-year business sabbatical when I registered for Holly’s Trailblazers Collective program.

I had been struggling to get clear on how to not only work smarter and fewer hours (no more burnout for me!) but also define my focus more clearly.

Struggle over!

In just a few short weeks, I’ve already received insight into implementing the strategies I’ve been looking for to take my business to a fantastic level of success in an even shorter time frame! It was a leap of faith that I’m SO GLAD I took!

Kate Large

Spiritual Coach

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